Win10 adware: Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome

P.S. To disable the"notifications" telling " Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome" you should (it seems):
  • Click on the Win10 icon (down-left)
  • Write and choose: "Settings"
  • System
  • Notifications
  • Turn "Off" the right notification switches.
Not sure what switches are sufficient and what you might miss if put them all to "Off". Just read and try on your own judgement, no warranties.

* * *

This really got me angry. I was reading Facebook on my Chrome browser... laughing a bit on a joke telling that "If you ever feel useless, just remember that someone had to port Microsoft Edge on Android". Scroll a bit below, give some likes...

Then a window have just pop up over Chrome. It was Microsoft Edge, that was not even started before. It opened a page telling that "Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome", with some arguments.

Why do I pay for Windows 10? Do I really own this software for my use only? Why do I receive such advertising messages? This is not an adware free software. Why someone can just start a program ON MY COMPUTER?

Why can't I just disable Cortana? What's wrong with this Microsoft? I regret the Win7 already. Or maybe I should finally switch to Linux.

* * *

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  1. I use Windows just for PC gaming these days, and much prefer using Win7 to do so.

    You should really try using Linux, which is what I use for everything else - settings up a dual boot is really easy. ;)