How can we all be right even when we believe incompatible things

Reality is pretty complex, alright... Normally we expect reality to be far more complex than we can comprehend in a limited human mind. Each time we look to one object, many other objects go outside our perception field, even if the eye can still see them. And this is OK, because we have only a limited processing brain power for perceiving the reality.

It's not only the limit of perceiving reality, there is also a limit in our capacity of "knowing" about reality. If we think about it, it is very intuitive: the physical mind is far smaller than the reality we want to know about. In order to know about reality, we need to have a model about reality stored inside our minds.

Speculation on cancer

We know that cancer is when some human cells are multiplying very fast and then spread all over the organism. The are many substances that seems to be "cancerigenic". However, recently we started to link some cancers to bacterial or viral infections.

What is more probable: that a chemical substance makes a cell to multiply and spread, or some viral/bacterial DNA is reprogramming cells to multiply and spread?


Life is very compressible

An information representation (or string) s is very compressible if the size of it's smallest possible compression K(s) is very small compared with it's observed size(s). The smallest compression size K(s) is the Kolmogorov complexity. We can define the compress-ibility C(s) of a string s to be the smallest compression K(s) divided by the size of the original representation size(s):

C(s) = K(s) / Size(s) - lower is better

The smallest compressed size" for any given string is a function that cannot be calculated in general, however you can always find an upper bound to it as soon as you find a compression of that size. A compression of s is basically a program along with it's input that can generate s as output. If is always possible to find a program slightly bigger than s (think: print "s"), therefore it is only interesting to find compression with size that is lower than size(s).

On Philosophy

One philosopher said that "philosophy is a natural act of human living" and I agree with him.

But what brings philosophy in addition to "regular" science"? I find Philosophy to be a kind of "meta-science", permanently inquiring about the root of all assumptions that we use. In this way, Philosophy is different than "regular" science, however it can contributes to the methods used in all the rest of the science. By analyzing the limits of our knowledge, we can better understand what level of certainty we can expect from science and the rest of our knowledge and believes. Of course, by using specific methods and logical deduction in assuring coherency, Philosophy is also a science in itself.

Review Intel NUC BB i3-8109U 2.5" - BOXNUC8I3BEH2 - Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH

On short: latest (8'th/2018) generation of Intel Core i3 CPU, making a very versatile and quiet mini-PC. However it is not completely fanless. This is the entry level core CPU (i3), but you should not need more except if you play very demanding 3D games or use very demanding applications - case when I would recommend also a bigger case - with a bigger fan.

Actually, this NUC can be configured in BIOS/UEFI to not use the fan at all, however you have to dramatically reduce the performance, and the case still goes way too hot. I recommend to only use it with the fan ON. This CPU supports adjusting TDP, to keep the fan low (more quiet) by reducing the performance a bit.


Review Kodlix GN41 Fanless MIN PC, 8G DDR4 64G eMMC, Intel Celeron N4100 up to 2.4Ghz/ 4K@60Hz UHD/Support SSD&HDD/ 2.4G+5.8G WiFi/ 1000M LAN/VGA&HDMI Outputs

Review Kodlix GN41 Fanless MIN PC, 8G DDR4 64G eMMC, Intel Celeron N4100 up to 2.4Ghz/ 4K@60Hz UHD/Support SSD&HDD/ 2.4G+5.8G WiFi/ 1000M LAN/VGA&HDMI Outputs

On short: good performance for a fanless configuration,  plays up to 4K video: 8GB RAM, Win10 included, with the possibility to add a SATA HDD (like 2TB). It has 1Gbps ethernet, it can make a  NAS or Media Server/Player. However, HDD bay is not very well ventilated and the case is a bit bigger than I expected.


Review ACEPC T11 Mini PC Windows 10 Fanless - 4GB DDR/64GB - SATA for 2.5 Inch HDD

ACEPC T11 Mini PC Windows 10 Fanless Desktop Computer 4GB DDR/64GB eMMC,Support Dual Band WiFi/Dual Output - HDMI/VGA/4K HD,SATA for 2.5 Inch HDD

On short: HDD and Ethernet(100Mbps) looks connected via USB 3.0 link, plays up to 1080p