Ask me any question!

I like to give advises...for free!

I have an advise, an opinion or a theory about almost any subject. Sometimes I can advise about things that I don't master very well myself. I didn't say it always works... Just challenge me ;)

In this page you can ask questions about any problem you might have, including personal matters - that can be discussed in public of course. I will attempt to answer to each one, the best I can. If the subject is very far from my experience or it is not interesting enough for the needed effort to answer, I might decline to answer. For the rest of it, I will give at least a short idea.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional adviser and I don't have any certification for giving advises. I might often be just wrong, see for yourself if my ideas resonates with you and if it makes sense in your situation. The best I can promise is to give any advice with good intent.

With this said, leave your question in the comment section and wait for my answer in the same section. Good luck in asking the right question! ;)

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