Godel and psychological types

“There are two types of people in the world, those who divide everybody into types and those who do not”. I am part of the second type ;)

Is the text above true or false?

I augmented this amusing quote creating a paradox that intuitively illustrate the kind of paradoxes that appears in any complex enough axiomatic system. Kurt Gödel proved this in his "Incompleteness Theorem". However, I will not enter into details this time.

Actually, for me, the sentence is both true and false. We don't have to be always into a binary logic with our opinions.

Before going to psychological types, let me add another popular joke: "I used to think that I tend to be undecided. Now I am not so sure anymore..." ;)

I used to be much more passionate about psychology in my... youth. I've read about different kind of psychological types systems, it sounded very cool.

Now I don't care so much about psychological types. There are only two kinds of people: people that I like and people that I don't like ;)

Actually there is a continuous of levels between the two, life is much more complex than what 2,4,8,16 types could describe....

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