Review Philips GoGEAR Azure Bluetooth MP3/FLAC/MP4 player 8GB SA5AZU08KF (with FM)

Overall I'm happy with my Philips GoGEAR Azure. I can release the storage space occupied by music on my phone - that used to be my portable Bluetooth player. I can also save some battery on my phone and it's a bit more handy to have a dedicated device that really fit in a small pocket.

Even if the player don't support AptX (my headphones does support it), the sound is still pretty good for travel and work. If I want true sound quality I can use regular wired phones.

  • Good wireless sound (Bluetooth/A2DP)
  • Very good wired sound
  • Plays FLAC along with MP3
  • Good battery life even with Bluetooth, it served me days without recharge, they say "up to 35h for music"
  • It charges over regular Micro-USB port, like my phone
  • I can also browse music in folders, I hate players that only provide music grouped by artist, album
  • It has FM radio receiver with RDS
  • does not support the Apt-X Bluetooth codec
  • it is almost double the size of my previous player (Phillips GoGear 2GB)
  • the reminder about volume limit is a bit annoying, even after I increased the limit 
  • there are sound glitches when browsing folders while listening, especially when there are album pictures
  • does not play FLAC with high sampling rate (over 48KHz)
  • low write speed when copying files to player (1-2MB/s)
  • does not provide the best hand grip, it is a bit slippery
  • does not support additional SD card
Additional notes