Bluetooth pairing issues : Basis Peak smart watch with Andoid 6.0 / Nexus 5

If you have issues connecting the Basis Peak smart watch, over Bluetooth, with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)  - for example Nexus 5 - try this (as stupid as it sounds):
  • Enable "Location service" from Settings/Location, mode "High accuracy"
  • Stop/Start Bluetooth
  • Follow the recommended procedure (with Basis Peak unpaired on the phone)
After initial pairing, you should be able to stop Location and re-pair without issues.

Some more details from my experience:


On morality applied to animals

Studies on babies suggests that there is a certain morality sense we are birth with. Of course, this instinct must be developed and refined by society. It is, however, unlikely that our moral rules can become really disconnected with this moral instincts.

Most of these instincts are based on compassion. However there are also other emotions that shapes our common (punitive) moral sense. For example Contempt, Anger, and Disgust (CAD) appears as result of perceived violation of moral rules regarding Community, Autonomy, and Divinity (again CAD).