Win10 adware: Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome

P.S. To disable the"notifications" telling " Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome" you should (it seems):
  • Click on the Win10 icon (down-left)
  • Write and choose: "Settings"
  • System
  • Notifications
  • Turn "Off" the right notification switches.
Not sure what switches are sufficient and what you might miss if put them all to "Off". Just read and try on your own judgement, no warranties.

* * *

This really got me angry. I was reading Facebook on my Chrome browser... laughing a bit on a joke telling that "If you ever feel useless, just remember that someone had to port Microsoft Edge on Android". Scroll a bit below, give some likes...


Electronics review

Reviews for gadgets I own

Devices list:

  1. WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive 4TB, blue - WDBYFT0040BBL - 0A
  2. RASPBERRY PI MODEL B 3 Starter Kit with 32GB SD Card Case and 5 V 2.5 A Power Supply - Glob Mall Abox SUPERIOR BLAC
  3. Rii Mini I28 Wireless (QWERTZ) – Mini Keyboard
  4. Samsung Memory Card microSDHC Class High Speed Class 10 with SD Adapter, (2017 Model) - Evo Plus u3
  5. SD Card UHS-II Lexar 1800x (32GB)


Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - movie review

I would say that "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)" is a bit better than "Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)". I will describe my experience seeing this movie (iMAX 3D), hopefully without spoiling it too much.


Why Bitcoin will fail

This is not about a specific flaw in Bitcoin, however Bitcoin is a proeminent exponent of the crypto-currency galaxy. Any cryptocurrency that don't have a sufficient loan base have these problems.

Bitcoin, especially, looks more and more like a Ponzi scheme that is just ready to blow. Only that there will be no Charles Ponzi to sue, only a lot of people that lost money and a few winners that sold the bitcoins before the bang.

Or, with another metaphor, Bitcoin is like a global poker game where some will take the pot and the others will bite the dust. It may happen tomorrow or after years, but for me this is the only reasonable end. Until then, everybody believes they have a very good hand...

Here are my arguments:

No loans, no value


On Intelligent life forms

I define intelligence as the capacity of one entity to create complex internal representations that can be used to predict about it's environment the likely outcome from a particular configuration or action, based on the regularities of the environment.

Entity can be organic life form or (potentially) a natural or artificial inorganic intelligence.

The "can be used" instead of "uses" also covers a case of "abstract only" entity that constructs purely theoretical abstract model (think mathematics) and does not use it for any adaptation purposes.


P=NP is indecidable (conjecture)

"P equals NP?" is a million dollars unsolved problem.

"P" is the class of problems where we have algorithms that solves the problem in polynomial time.

"NP" the class of problems that can be proven in polynomial time once you "guess" the solution.

This is analogous with the sorting problem: it's easier to check the sorting of a list than to actually sort a list.

Of course, if you can fully solve the problem in polynomial time, you can also prove it in polynomial time, so P is included in NP. However, NP seems to contain some very hard problems that cannot be currently solved in polynomial time. It is believed that NP contains some problems that can never be possibly solved in P.

I will not do a formal proof, more like an argument or a sketch. You might have more patience and skills to develop some of this ideas even if they might have flaws in the current form.

You can take it as a conjecture, a mathematical joke or "food for thoughts".

Let's see how it goes:


On "morality derived from space colonization"

"Morality derived from space colonization" defines as the highest "Good" the survival of humans in case of an eventual global Earth cataclysm. I believe that such goal (humanity preservation) is likely to be acceptable for many people, but why only by space colonization?

There are arguments that an event that could destroy human life on Earth is likely to happen. We don't need to go until Sun depletion, it is more likely that a big enough asteroid will fall in the next thousands of years. Even without this, life of Earth might be threatened by local events like nuclear accidents, major climate change (it happened before). Even destructive diseases might not be contained in a certain Earth region. If not this, we might also face resource depletion if the population continues to grow.

It seems reasonable that saving humanity from a global Earth cataclysm depends on... finding another planet capable to sustain human life. It's like in the saying "don't put all your eggs in the same basket". It's always good to have a backup plan.

But how can this define Morality and Ethics?