Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - movie review

I would say that "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)" is a bit better than "Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)". I will describe my experience seeing this movie (iMAX 3D), hopefully without spoiling it too much.

Overall, "Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi"  is a well constructed movie, with impressive video effects (including 3D) and dramatic scenes. The magnificent sound track complements, as usual in Star Wars, the overall atmosphere. The story has, along with an action plot, some philosophical takes. The acting is good (I would not say great), however the overall tension between characters is very consistent and full of good fashion drama. There are also small funny scenes that add a bit of pepper to the whole, overall dramatic, story.

Compared with "Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens", the story looked to me a little more consistent, the object and people proportions in the scenes are a little more realistic, better 3D. I found the dramatism of "The Last Jedi" better articulated, with multiple scenes that makes you keep your breath. The philosophical story is a little more pronounced, with couple of interesting takes.

Maybe the story could have been compressed in less than a movie, however the director managed to fill the full length of the movie with scenes that kept me engaged. Not all actions are realistic, I found some character's decisions questionable, but we should remember that this is a fantastic story, where events happens not because they are likely, but because they can teach a lesson.

You can find in the movie many of the beloved characters, including the robots, in more consistent appearance than I expected. The story does not diverge much from the previous Star Wars episodes. As expected, the episode VIII has a bit of a resolution, however it is also created so that you would want to see the next (IX'th) episode.

Fortunately, the red scenes that are overemphasized in some movie trailers are not such a big part of the movie. Actually there are only 2 landscape with this such huge amount of red. I personally found that red scenes to not fit very well with the rest of the movie. It's like they used a totally different cromatic pallet with the rest of the movie. The red also seems a bit artificial. It's not very dissonant, however I could not find the artistic merits of these overly-red scenes.

What does this have with the "strange theory"?

While this is mainly a blog about everything, everything included here should contain something regarding "meaning". Now it's time for some crazy theories regarding possible hidden "meanings" in this movie. Probably no spoilers here either.

- The scenes with a lot of red might symbolize the Comunism. It's not the classical red of communism, but it's still associated with the bad guys. However, the red is not anymore the full incarnation of the evil, sometimes it's just something you need to walk through.

- Sometimes I suspect that very popular action US movies depicts the changes in external politics of United States. Movies like Star Wars or Die Hard seem to reflect how USA sees the relation with the other powers. For example, chinese-looking characters in Star Wars VIII that are helping the "good guys" could suggest an interest for better collaboration with China.

- If we follow the same theory, in "The Last Jedi" we see more concern about saving people's lives by clever strategies over "cowboy" intervention by courageous, exceptional individuals. This shows a bit less appetite to war and more appetite for strategic retreat.

- The women are still strong in this movie, however I found it less aggressively depicted this time, putting more accent on feminine qualities in women.


- This movie does not depict gay relations (as many movies does lately), however it brings some scenes about inter-rasial couples.

- There is an interesting approach about rules and precepts. This movie tends to explicitly favor the living empathy and compassion over the cold written dogma.

- The "looking in the mirror" scene" might be a Masonic symbol.

- There is a scene where only 2 fingers of Ray are fully seen in goodbye, they look like a part of the Vulcan salute :)

Bottom line

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) is a good movie, with great action scenes and also philosophical ideas. Maybe it's not totally innovative, but it's the kind of movie that cannot bore you and is worth seeing by most people. For kids maybe if's safer to go with a 2D version.

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