Vaccines and alergies

I'm not with those people that blames vaccines for baby autism and all the other health issues in a child. I think that there are many other things that might affect a child, including genetics and psychological issues.

Actually I found vaccines to be useful overall: I still see the effects of polio on people that were not vaccinated. I just wander if we really understand all the possible side effects of the way we are doing vaccination at this moment.

Wild question: is it possible that the vaccines increases the chance of developing various allergies? I'm not talking about the rare allergies immediately after the vaccine shot. I wander if, playing with the immune system, vaccines might also predispose to long time allergic reactions to various substances, like mites, pollen, peanut butter, eggs, etc.

This might explain the increase of allergy problems in developed countries. I don't have clear data on this subject, maybe there are many people with allergies also in poor countries, however I don't hear often about this. What I hear is that, in more developed countries, the allergy occurrence is rapidly increasing.

As far as I know (I'm not a M.D.) vaccines introduces fragments of viruses and forces the body to learn those fragments as a signature (patterns) of pathogens. When those "patterns" of viruses are learned, the body recognizes the full length viruses when they appear and can fight with them before they spread in the body. This prevents dangerous diseases.

What if the body is actually learning sometimes an even larger class of substances as dangerous patterns? I once had an email SPAM detector that had an heuristic that matched "free" as a predictor of SPAM. The technology was in it's infancy, so that it also detected as SPAM emails with subjects like "freedom". What if the body is doing something similar, learning sub-patterns of viruses that are too general to detect only viruses?

To be fair, the allergy reaction is a bit different from the reaction to a virus. However,  I wander if someone could clearly dismiss with data a possible link between vaccines and a higher chance of developing allergy reactions later in life.

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  1. I think that, along with the introduction of vaccines, a lot of other things are changed around us in the last century.
    Most important are, probably, generalization of fertilizers and cosmetics.
    Our menu is also more diversified, since 'exotic' foods are more available.
    Most probably a century ago it was more likely for a human to constantly struggle, throughout life, with a lot of other 'serious' diseases who would have masked any possible allergy symptoms – like an engine noise masking a mosquito buzz.
    And the medicine itself is more advance now, it could ‘invent’ a lot of new diseases. Don’t think about psychiatry  … just think what was considered a cold 40 years ago is now an allergy to … whatever