Bluetooth pairing issues : Basis Peak smart watch with Andoid 6.0 / Nexus 5

If you have issues connecting the Basis Peak smart watch, over Bluetooth, with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)  - for example Nexus 5 - try this (as stupid as it sounds):
  • Enable "Location service" from Settings/Location, mode "High accuracy"
  • Stop/Start Bluetooth
  • Follow the recommended procedure (with Basis Peak unpaired on the phone)
After initial pairing, you should be able to stop Location and re-pair without issues.

Some more details from my experience:

  • I only tried this procedure with Basis Peak flashed/updated using another phone, that didn't had the issue (an iPhone). However, it should work also with Basis Peak that don't have the initial flash or it was "Factory reset". Update: I actually tried it, it works.
  • First check is to open the Bluetooth menu (Settings): you should see the "Basis Peak" in the "Available" list. If you don't see it, it means that Basis Peak is not in the right state: Bluetooth is stopped of it gave up searching. Be sure that the phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 (Nexus5 does)
  • Do not try to pair the Basis Peak from the phone. It will look like it works, however it will prevent the application to pair. If you see Basis Peak in the "Paired" list of the phone, click "Forget"
  • On an updated watch: swipe right to activate Bluetooth and do "Unpair" or "Retry"; you should see "Finding devices" on the watch, waiting for the phone to connect. If the watch don't have software, you must connect it to charger and you must see "Charging"
  • Open the Basis Peak application on the phone (you might be already logged in). In menu, "Devices", choose "Connect to peak" or "Setup new peak", it does not matter.
  • The peer-ing should work in around 30 seconds.
  • The distance between watch and smartphone is not so important, it works even at 50 centimeters. 
P.S. Someone with Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 5.1, reports that the above workaround was not enough. However, it worked after he did "Reset to Factory Defaults" from the Android start console (Recovery mode). Take good care before doing this: have backup on all important data in Cloud or external storage. Use on your own risk, be sure you know what you are doing!
Please leave a message, either it worked or not for you!


  1. Here's technical explanation: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33052811/since-marshmallow-update-bluetooth-discovery-using-bluetoothadapter-getdefaultad

  2. Thanks !! it works !!

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