DNA and the fabric of the Universe

The genetic code seems to not be enough to describe the complexity of a human being. In fact, it seems too small to describe most of the life forms. We could assume that the genetic code has all the information very compressed, but still...

I will approach the problem of describing life complexity based of information theory.


Genetic code (DNA) is not enough

Photo: wikipedia.org
Genetic code (DNA) could be seen as the best compression algorithm that we have ever seen. Just think about it: in only around 1 GBytes, DNA could store the information to create a human being, with all the general and specific characteristics and many non-educated behaviors. In 1 GBytes, the current technology could barely store a 1.5 hour movie at rather low quality, but human DNA is able to encode everything that is human in a lifetime.


Is Your God so small?

When I see the continuous fighting over Jerusalem... I would ask the people that are killing each other for a piece of "saint" land:

"Is your God so small that He only lives on that little piece of land?"